About US

Cali4nia Digital Media is a Virtual Reality production company based in Southern California. We are a small start-up business in the heart of LA. Our company started out filming commercials, weddings, doing photo shoots, creating websites, and we even worked on a campaign for a local politician. We had no real focus until we stumbled upon Virtual Reality. VR is an amazing tool and we see how it genuinely helps people see and experience places they've never been before. We love this new technology and want to give businesses the opportunity to use these amazing experiences.

Our Virtual Tours create a new and interactive experience for your customers. Using innovative technology we can now give your viewers a first person view of any given space. Just having photos does not cut it anymore. Virtual Tours are the new standard for previewing any facility at any time and any place. Cali4nia Digital Media is your outlet to this technology and its beneficial uses.

"The reality is, we all have limits to our reality – places we can’t go, people we can’t see, things we can’t do. And opening up more of those experiences to all of us, that’s not isolating. That’s freeing.”

-Mark Zuckerberg